1. Visit the official website – patitasnutridas.com
  2. I click on the image that says «Cookies».
  3. Then “click” the “add to cart” button for the products I want to order.
  4. Then proceed to the shopping cart icon and click on “checkout”.
  5. Verify that I have all the correct products and quantities, if that’s true then I proceed to checkout.
  6. Make sure I fill the form with my personal information needed to create the order (name, postal address, phone number and email).
  7. I can type any message or additional information that I want to share with Patitas Nutridas for the order under “Order notes”, then select the pick-up date, place and time.
  8. I read the information that shows under the total of the order and then check the box that says «I have read and agree to the website terms and condition».
  9. Click “place order”.
  10. A message will show up after placing the order and an email will be received with the order details and with the instructions to make the deposit payment to complete the order.